A Friend’s Letter.

Foreward from British Embassy Defence Attaché

Welcome to the latest edition of the Premier Sport Academy (PSA) magazine and I am delighted to add my support to the work of PSA in bringing the game of football to thousands of young people here in Kuwait.

In my 2 years living and working in Kuwait, I have had the honour and privilege of attending several of PSA’s events, including the Gala Awards Ceremonies held at the end of each football season in April. 

I am always impressed and inspired by the enthusiasm of the young people and the passion they have for football – it really is the national game for Kuwaitis, many of whom have a keen interest in the English Premiership and the other main leagues across Europe. 

I have witnessed at first hand the dedication and hard work of the PSA coaches who help deliver the football programme and I believe that the work of the PSA is truly making a difference in helping tackle some of the health and societal issues faced in Kuwait by encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle in young people through their participation in sport. 

As a proud Scotsman, I am especially pleased that this year the PSA’s official partners in helping to deliver this community programme are Glasgow Celtic, a world renowned and famous club with a long tradition and rich reputation for community involvement, not just in Scotland but throughout the world.

The work of the PSA in bringing people in Kuwait together through the medium of sport is exemplary.  The promotion of exercise and the teaching of the role and importance of teamwork and community identity through participation in sport is invaluable and deserves our full support, whether as parents, administrators, coaches or players.  Please enjoy the PSA magazine and above all enjoy the football”.   

Group Captain Finlay McLean MA BA RAF

British Embassy Defence Attaché

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